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Sabertooth debuts 2010 WildCat Models
Ultimate MotorCycling - 04/30/10
V8 Bikes Sabertooth Motorcycles has announced the latest versions of its 2010 Wildcat bike line-up, including the standard WildCat, the 427 WildCat, the 427X WildCat, the WildCat X1, the TurboCat, and the Midnight WildCat.               read more

Honda 1300 V-Twin... Model Lineage
Ultimate MotorCycling - 04/29/10
Honda Cruisers In just a few short years, the Honda family of 1300 V-twin bikes has skyrocketed into custom-genre stardom, proving to be wildly popular among riders all across the USA in all of its forms. Here we take a quick look back at the key model introductions leading up to this latest quartet of 2010 motorcycle models. read more

2010 Honda VT1300 Stateline | Review
Ultimate MotorCycling - 04/29/10
Motorcycle Test It's no secret that Honda's 1300cc V-twin line has been a huge sales success. They're ubiquitous cruisers out on the road, due to their reliability, performance, and handling. While the 1300s haven't been the most striking bikes from a styling viewpoint, they are more than competent machines on the road. read more

2010 Harley Fat Boy Lo | Review
Ultimate MotorCycling - 04/26/10
Fat Boy Lo Review Mark down 2010 as the year that black became the new chrome. Harley-Davidson began moving in this direction with the Dark Custom line-most immediately illustrated by the Cross Bones-an antidote to traditional bling and shiny pieces to attract the ladies. read more

Big Bore Kit | Harley-Davidson
Ultimate MotorCycling - 04/22/10
Twin Cam Parts "Do I really need a Big Bore kit? How will these parts affect the power output of my Harley-Davidson motorcycle?" These are two of the most frequently asked questions we receive on the Biker Helpline. read more

2010 Honda Sabre First Ride
MotorcycleUSA - 04/22/10
With chopped fenders, a big front wheel, and a new frame, the 2010 Honda Sabre features more pro-street styling than any of its VTX predecessors.

2010 Honda Stateline & Interstate First Ride
MotorcycleUSA - 04/22/10
Honda Motorcycles ambitious VT1300 cruiser lineup includes a more conventionally styled ride in the form of the 2010 Stateline and a motorcycle equipped for the long haul appropriately called the 2010 Interstate.

2010 Honda VT1300 Cruisers First Ride
MotorcycleUSA - 04/22/10
Motorcycle USA recently got to sample Honda Motorcycles' newest lineup of VT1300 cruisers, the 2010 Sabre, Stateline and Interstate on a day-long journey through the mountains of Southern California.

2010 Honda VT1300 Sabre Review
Motorcycle.com - 04/20/10
Honda�s line of mid-weight cruisers � the VTX series � proved so successful, Big Red decided it was time for an update. Now the highly sought after Fury has a new sibling in the VT1300 Sabre.

Millyard Viper V10 | Motorcycle Review
Ultimate MotorCycling - 04/19/10
V-10 Motorcycle Why in the world would anyone take an 8-liter, 500 horsepower V-10 ripped from the heart of the notorious Dodge Viper RT/10 supercar, and create a motorcycle around it? read more

Triumph Thunderbird... SE offers Versatility
Ultimate MotorCycling - 04/16/10
Commuter Features Triumph's all new Thunderbird debuted to rave reviews for its comfort, styling and performance. The venerable British marque has now upped the ante with the Thunderbird SE, a limited edition model that comes ready for daily commuting and week-long road trips. read more

First Ride: 2010 Star Stratoliner Deluxe
Motorcycle Cruiser - 04/13/10
First Ride: 2010 Star Stratoliner Deluxe Star's newest Stratoliner has its coming-out party, and we reel off a couple hundred miles for some impressions on this latest entry to the bagger arena. Highway 76 drops steeply and fast as it unfurls out of the Palomar Mountain Range into Warner Springs, and the Led Zeppelin opus churning out of the Stratoliner's speakers makes me ride faster than I normally would. So when the two-laner widens and straightens out its relentless kinks, I pull over …

2010 Harley-Davidson CVO Fat Bob
Ultimate MotorCycling - 03/31/10
FXDFSE2 CVO Review The 2010 Harley-Davidson CVO Fat Bob punches up the aristocratic proceedings with a little disorderly conduct, returning for its second year with a badass new wardrobe. read more

H-D Forty-Eight Sportster... Ace Hotel
Ultimate MotorCycling - 03/26/10
Sportster 48 So, what's new out there in the motorcycle world? Well, one thing is the new addition to Harley-Davidson's Dark Custom line-The Forty-Eight Sportster. I was lucky enough to nab an invite to the unveiling of this beast at NYC's Ace Hotel the Thursday before the NYC Javits Bike Show began. read more

2010 Honda Fury Project III - Corbin Seat
MotorcycleUSA - 03/26/10
We're giving our 2010 Honda Fury project bike a retro-vibe with the installation of a Corbin King and Queen Saddle that looks like it came straight out of the '70s.

2010 Indian Chief Vintage Review
Motorcycle.com - 03/23/10
As the flagship for the recently revived Indian Motorcycle Company, the 2010 Chief Vintage presents a synthesis of 1940s-era styling in modern running form.   2010 Star Stratoliner Deluxe Review Dark Star bagger It�s good to be a cruiser these days, or more correctly, to be in the business of building cruisers. And as of late the bagger …

Suzuki Boulevard M109R | Review
Ultimate MotorCycling - 03/20/10
Boulevard M109R Review The 2010 Suzuki Boulevard M109R brings a sort of energetic liberation to the cruiser motorcycle genre. read more

2010 Arlen Ness Victory Vision Quick Ride
MotorcycleUSA - 03/19/10
With styling provided by master custom builder Arlen Ness and injected with the finest Victory engineering, the 2010 Arlen Ness Victory Vision is the total bagger package.

2010 Star Midnight Warrior vs. 2010 Triumph Thunderbird - Casual Aggression
Motorcycle Cruiser - 03/18/10
2010 Star Midnight Warrior vs. 2010 Triumph Thunderbird - Casual Aggression 'Rider's Bikes' face-off We know most cruiser riders just want to... well, cruise. But there's a significant subset of cruiser riders who either come from sportier backgrounds or are simply more aggressive in attacking the roads. These riders don't want to be spooned onto a sportbike's torture rack, preferring a more feet-forward riding position, but still want ground clearance, handling, and power. They seek out …

Harley-Davidson 48... new Dark Custom
Ultimate MotorCycling - 03/11/10
Hot-Rod Custom Harley-Davidson has expanded its youth-focused Dark Custom line with a daring new addition--the Sportster Forty-Eight. Utilizing the Sportsters' fuel-injected 1200cc Evolution powerplant, the Forty-Eight rides low with slammed suspension and a classic peanut tank that holds a scant two-gallons. read more

2010 H-D Road Glide vs. 2010 Victory Cross Country - New Breed of Baggers Busts Out
Motorcycle Cruiser - 03/10/10
2010 H-D Road Glide vs. 2010 Victory Cross Country - New Breed of Baggers Busts Out The 2010 models were stacking up, so we ran a trio of quick comparisons. First up: Harley's and Victory's new baggers. For years, it was a foregone conclusion that cruisers with touring accessories like fairings and hard saddlebags-baggers, in two-wheel parlance-were designed for a mission, and one mission only-to, uh, tour. They were purpose-built for the open road, constructed for the long haul, made for …

2010 Triumph Thunderbird | Feature
Ultimate MotorCycling - 03/06/10
Rebirth of the Cool The Helvetic Air Fokker 100 touched down at BHX. Edges of morning sunlight over Birmingham dispelled the myth of gloomy English weather. Twelve hours overnight from Montreal via Zurich, I felt no fatigue-only excitement at plunging into the cauldron of iconography that is the legend of Triumph Motorcycles. read more

2010 H-D Fat Boy Lo vs. 2010 Kawasaki Vulcan 1700 - Of Gods & Kings
Motorcycle Cruiser - 03/03/10
2010 H-D Fat Boy Lo vs. 2010 Kawasaki Vulcan 1700 - Of Gods & Kings Bartels pits these two new heavy middleweights against one another 2010 Fat Boy Lo 2010 Kawasaki Vulcan 1700 Photo Gallery: 2010 H-D Fat Boy Lo vs. 2010 Kawasaki Vulcan 1700 - Motorcycle Cruiser Magazine Photo Gallery: 2010 H-D Fat Boy Lo vs. 2010 Kawasaki Vulcan 1700 - Motorcycle Cruiser Magazine Read More | Digg It | Add to del.icio.us

2010 Middleweight Cruiser Shootout
MotorcycleUSA - 03/01/10
Riders don't need monster engines and gobs of money for a solid cruiser offering. See what middleweight cruisers came out on top in our comparison review.

Harley-Davidson | The 'Cool' Factor
Ultimate MotorCycling - 02/27/10
H-D Dark Customs As a co-host on the Motorcycle Radio Network I'm often approached by listeners of the show to answer a multitude of motorcycle related questions. Most of the time these questions deal with the V-Twin industry and more specifically Harley-Davidson; our savvy listeners know I'm an ex-Harley dealer with a unique if not sometimes offbeat insight into the American motorcycle manufacturer. read more

First Ride: 2010 Honda Shadow Phantom
Motorcycle Cruiser - 02/26/10
First Ride: 2010 Honda Shadow Phantom A jaunt on Honda's newest 750, fresh off the freighter When Honda first announced its new Shadow Phantom last fall, we didn't think much of it-I mean, it was just a blacked-out Shadow Spirit, right?inline_mediumwraptextright32182818/roadtests/1004_crup_2010_honda_shadow_phantomcrup_1004_05_o+2010_honda_shadow_phantom+.jpgTrue Photo Gallery: First Ride: 2010 Honda Shadow Phantom - Motorcycle Cruiser Magazine Photo Gallery: First Ride: 2010 Honda Shadow …

2010 Star Stratoliner Deluxe First Ride
MotorcycleUSA - 02/22/10
Star Motorcycles bold new bagger, the 2010 Stratoliner Deluxe, boasts 1854cc of power in a neo-classic cruiser with a fresh front fairing and streamlined saddlebags.

2010 Harley-Davidson | Custom Vehicle Operations
Ultimate MotorCycling - 02/19/10
Screamin' Eagle Motorcycles Each year, the shop-shirted covert agents at Harley-Davidson's exclusive Custom Vehicle Operations (CVO) pluck four models from the Harley-Davidson lineup and, utilizing an arsenal of Screamin' Eagle performance parts, exclusive paint schemes, and enough chrome to induce pangs of inadequacy in a '57 Bel Air, recasts them into rarified road-ravaging, lust-inducing examples of what a customer might create with a little imagination and a sizable slush fund. read more

2010 Honda Fury Project II - Cobra Pipes
MotorcycleUSA - 02/12/10
Motorcycle USA brings you the next installment of our 2010 Honda Fury project. We've installed a set of Cobra Speedster Swept pipes and a Fi2000 fuel management system to go along with our engine modifications.

2010 Victory Vision 8-Ball Review
Motorcycle.com - 02/10/10
Here�s a bare-bones touring rig with a heart of American craftsmanship: Luxury touring simplified.   2010 Harley-Davidson Road Glide vs. 2010 Victory Cross Country American Bagger Battle: New Age versus the Icon Victory comes out swinging in 2010 with a new bagger model aimed squarely at taking as big a piece of the touring cruiser pie …

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